The small artisan workshop of El Rosal was founded in 1920 by Joseph Serra in Tarrega. It has achieved great popularity due to its carefully guarded formula, process and quality ingredients. 

Lluís Serra, son of the founder, continued the task until his retirement in 2001.

It was then that he decided to knock on the doors of the Alba assoiation and offered to continue the activity. The entity begins a proces of learning to know the artisanal process, using the same hundred-year-old formula and relauching the brand and the prodct of a new workshop with social value.

We are part to the project Alba association, an entity that works to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities and mental illness in Urgell and La Segarra, offering comprehensive services and care in all areas of life, from a specialized host school, through accommodation services, occupation centers, leisure and sports activities, training and professional integration ect...

El Rosal is an inclusive workspace where occupations are given to people in difficulty (handicap situation) and at risk. Diversity enrichies us and gives us an original and different capacity for innovation.

In 2010, the packaging of the El Rosal brand was completely renewed and marketing was strengthened.

In 2013, thanks to a crowdfunding project throught the Verkami platform and the issuance of participatory securities, we collect the money necessary to carry out he transfert and expansion of the worshop in a new sapce.
In this way, we start a growth plan for the workshop which is due to end in 2018.